Montessori philosophy supports the child’s development at individual pace and according to his/her interests. Teachers as guides encourage and help to expand knowledge in a unique way for every child, dedicating and giving time to understand the material and the acquired information.


The preschool Montessori program is similar to the academic curriculum. It pays special attention to mathematics and language skills, as well as to the cultural variety of both Europe and the entire world. Outgoing trips and tours conducted during the day, help to get to know the real nature.

Maria Montessori consciously created pedagogics adapted to different styles of learning. Everybody is different, therefore the program in the preschool is adapted accordingly to the individual needs; educators are competent Montessori teachers who are trained to help your child to develop the skills of learning.


A Polish Montessori Association, under patronage our preschool continuous to operate, oversees both our staff and the realization of the program.

Thanks to the collaboration that we establish with children and their Parents, we are able to offer more than educational and basic care services. We concentrate on every child offering the creative curriculum, which includes Montessori materials, reading, communication, mathematics and explorations.


We teach respect not only to other human being, but also to equipment and other non-living things. Our classrooms are equipped with high quality materials encouraging and stimulating everyday activities. The equipment and furniture are made only of natural materials, mostly – alder wood. Preschool rooms provide space for the different type of activities:

  • The Practical life
  • Developing Senses through sensory practice
  • The Linguistic education
  • The Math education
  • The Natural, Cultural and Social education
  • The Space education

Implementing of new subjects at the same time strengthening the already acquired knowledge remains the main Montessori Method principle. We always set out new challenges to the child; therefore he or she may become a “specialist” in such areas as math, linguistics and natural science, skills that are constantly enhanced.
Children are not tired by the Montessori program – it develops with them. The curriculum meets the child where he or she is and leads them to the place where they would like to be.


We are certain that every human being has enormous intellectual abilities; therefore a comprehensive yet individual child’s development is the most important in our preschool.

We believe, that by creating stimulating environment and giving the child the freedom and independence, we are able to fully develop every child’s talents, strengthening his/her personal potential.


“The child who really loves its surrounding and all living creatures, who discovered joy and enthusiasm in work… is giving us hope for the peace in the future “.

– Maria Montessori



Maria Montessori claimed, that by getting to know the world "the child is becoming a builder of oneself". Wishing to answer this natural need, every day we create the space, we give children time and show respect, necessary for every child so he or she can develop his and hers personal potential in safe surroundings. By offering freedom of choice and independence, we support the growing talents. Through the empathetic attitude, we accompany the children in exploring and discovering the potential and their inner power.

What is Montessori pedagogy all about