Our mission is to bring up children to be respectful of nature and another human being. We would like our children to grow and learn in the best conditions enabling them to discover their interests, to experience, to experiment, to familiarize with other cultures and believes respecting the diversity.

Key aspects of our programme:


In the House of Montessori, children have contact with English most of the time while staying in the pre-school. All classes take place in bilingual groups - both in Polish and in English; we read the English literature, we listen to music and we discover various cultures. We welcome children who speak other than Polish languages.  


Empathy is an ability to understand emotional states of another person as well as to adopt their ways of thinking and their perspective on reality. Through the conversation and observation and being part of the group, we help children to appreciate each other and to understand the diversity of emotions.


Every human being has huge intellectual and growing potential; therefore the comprehensive and individual development of every child is an imperative in the House of Montessori preschool. We believe that by creating the stimulating environment and giving freedom and respect to every child, we motivate them to be independent and their talents will flourish over time.


As a part of environmental education, all children in Ala ma kota House of Montessori are taught to mind whether light should be turned off and whether the water tap is closed. They feed birds on the playground during the winter time. Every preschool has a fully equipped kitchen where our cooks work using only fresh, seasonal products, often planted in preschool small gardens. The dishes are prepared with fresh herbs and natural spices without added salt and sugar.